One Way to be Successful in Life

One Way to be Successful in Life

Our day begins with the bright sunlight of the sun, and in the evening our day ends with a beautiful view of the sunset.

Then the black night begins, but we make people beautiful with the help of colorful lights.

Thus, every day goes to us for 24 hours of our life.

In this short time, we all want something good in our life.

Everyone has to be successful, everybody has to be settled in their life, everyone’s purpose is to do some good and shameful, but still, we can not rightly use our time right.

Somewhere we are getting lost due to which we do not understand what we want.

We need what we want, whatever we want to do in our life, our dream is … .. We need the same but how will we get it?

Friends, we have to improve some habits of our life to make our lives better and successful.

You will have to add small habits every day to your life because one can not be a capable person in a day.

Just as the big tree is not significant in one day, before it comes into existence, it is a small seed, then it sprouts, it hits the changing season, the sun burns the sun, it rains in the rain, the storm – Stunned in the wind, then it goes somewhere to become a huge tree.

That’s why we should make a definite commitment every day to make our life beautiful and successful.

One such promise that you will do every day by yourself, a guarantee you will make in your life every day.

Friends, do you want to do something good, unique and something different in your life? If yes then go ahead with me.

Well everyone wants to do something different in their life, everyone wants to be successful, but the way we want to live our life Have you thought our life is living according to our dreams or the way we want?


Then I have brought a technique for you that you have to do every morning.

First, wake up in the morning and do yoga, etc. as I do. After that, I take a page. I write a promise of that day on it. I write on that page that I want to do that day.

How do I live my life? I write it on that page. And the advantage of this is that what I want and I write on that page, I start doing it in my life.

Within a few days, I find everything that I wrote on the pages. I’ve been living a lot of life now as I wanted. You can also use this Technic in use.

I want to share some part of the notes written to you as soon as I start my day. I want to share some promising promises from you that I am doing with you every morning … I have a favorable agreement with myself every day Am

Before starting this method, you need to know some of the essential things that you have to adapt, and I also follow.

1- You do not have to make many promises from yourself every day, but you must make a promise that should be done every day.

2- Anything done daily should follow you from that day.

3- Every promise you make should be made in the morning.

4- Whatever you want, you must write it on a new page and read it at least ten times at the same time. You can also make a diary.

5- While writing your promise and following it, you must believe in yourself and on the God you think.

Let’s read now, with the start of the day, the Positive Agreement or the part of the promises I have made with myself that you can either adapt or create the success you want,

1. The good that I have not seen in the past (past), I will do in the present.

2. I am born to succeed and will always try success.

3. Today I will talk in the best way. I will not hurt anyone’s heart.

4. Today, I will not let Negativity dominate me.

5. Today I will obey my heart. And all my work today will be from the heart.

6. Today I will be happy all day. If I have thousands of reasons to be sad and only because I am so glad I would be satisfied.

7. I will not be happy or annoyed myself for any reason.

8. I will not think of things worthless think good.

9. Today I will motivate my brain for any innovation.

10. Something will happen today, something new and good will do in today.

11. I do not expect this in the world to be in my heart.

12. Instead of looking at just one aspect of a person, I will try to see other positive aspects as well.

13. I will try to stay the same as I am.

14. I will not compare myself to anyone else.

15. My life is getting reduced by seconds, so today I will not waste my time.

16. I will control my anger. Whenever anger comes, I will call it in any way.

17. I will take lessons from my past. I will not repeat the mistakes made in the past now.

18. What do people think about me? I will not pay attention to this .. What do I feel about myself? I will pay attention to this.

19. Now do not touch the work, do the same thing only when I have to do it because after passing the Expiry date, the object of lakhs becomes useless too.

20. I am special in this universe; I am unique, I will do some specials on this day.

So what have friends talked about, start from today itself? Then see how your life changes. It is confident that you will begin moving towards success.


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